Rodent Pest Management

Rodents, especially rats are aggressive, tenacious and secretive, and are often a community wide problem. Rodents are not domestic animals—they are wild, desperate to gain access to shelter and food and not in the least hesitant to compete with us for resources. Even brand new homes are susceptible—sometimes even more so when subtle new construction practices leave ways for rodents to gain entry.


INITIAL RODENT TREATMENT: Peninsula Rodent Control’s Initial Rodent Treatment has two aims: To assess the rodent infestation, guiding our efforts towards the rodent control and to inform you, our client, what other measures might need to be taken.

At Peninsula Rodent Control  our pest control technicians are highly trained and  qualified to carefully inspect, assess and come up with an efficient and effective plan to fight a rodent infestation. A technician investigates the area(s) of rat/mouse infestation. This can entail various degrees of effort, depending on where the rodents appear to be gaining access, nesting and searching for food. A technician will look for access points, visible damage and assess what  actions are needed to exclude rodents from your home or building.

Professional Commercial and Residential Rodent Service in San Mateo County!

We take pride in having one the most comprehensive  Rodent Pest Management system in place.

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