Peninsula Rodent Control – About us

Located in Redwood City, CA, Peninsula Rodent Control is an independent, green business, local family owned  and operated organization. We proudly service all of San Mateo County Cities. Our core focus is to help put an end to any rodent infestation, utilizing GREEN Rat and Mice Control Solutions. Our services include Rodent Control and Prevention, Removal and Cleanup, Attic Cleaning and  Decontamination, and more!


Peninsula Rodent Control Technician - Redwood City, CAExperienced & Trained Rodent Control Technicians
All of our technicians are fully trained & experienced rodent control operators. All of our staff have been in the pest control industry for over 5 years. At Peninsula Rodent Control we carefully screen all candidates prior to hiring. Each technician must demonstrate a highly professional capacity and excellent moral character.


Peninsula Rodent Control process is Child & Pet Safe!Child & Pet Safety
We ensure the safety of your children and pets on our approach to rat and mice control. Our rodent technicians use products & application methods that pose absolutely no threat to the safety and/or health of you and your loved ones.

Peninsula Rodent Control is Environmentally Responsible!Environmentally Responsible
We use products and methods that have little to no impact on our environment. Our technicians utilize both botanical and organic products as well as integrated rodent management methods that target the conditions of the rats to reduce the use of pesticides altogether.

Peninsula Rodent Control is affordable!Affordability
We thrive on providing affordable rodent control solutions. We understand that our customers have choices and to stay competitive and the best in the industry we are always working towards affordability through a variety of custom designed packages.

PRC gives back to the community by strictly maintaining a green rat and mice control code. Under no circumstance we’ll ever user poison or harm any animals in the process.